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"The Imperiata Riders"


Dust jacket
Steve's FIRST Printed Science Fiction book.... 270
              pages of entertainment

What if two conspiracy theories are true? You find yourself zillions of miles away from home... you realise that you shouldn't be here! Steve Simons takes you on another great adventure, another book you won't be able to put down until you reach the end.








"Spirit Onboard Victory"

Steve's FIRST
                printed book Spirit Onboard Victory- see table for
                details of how you can get your hands on your own copy

HMS Victory sits in dry dock in Portsmouth, England. As a Naval officer searches the ship before final lock up for the day, little does he know what adventure is to befall him, not who he will meet this night. Steve Simons takes you on a tour of HMS Victory as the start to an adventure. Fast passed and engaging.

Once you pick this book up you won't want to put it down.

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$7.65  Free US Shipping

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Cheaper B&W
Deluxe Colour Versions

"Bedtime Stoems"




Dust jacket
Bedtime Stoems (Stories in
                Rhyme)- see table for details of how you can get your
                hands on your own copy

This book like most things, "Bedtime Stoems®" "Bedtcame about from one of those wishful conversations, in which someone said that it would be nice if I could re-write classic bedtime stories in my poetry style (Stoems®). Well I'm the kind of guy who thinks over a challenge like that and often rises to the challenge, then regrets it as it wasn't as easy as it seemed. However, persistence paid off and in this collection, we have a different view of of some of the classics, plus my own originals.

Written for the whole family to enjoy. As some of the words that Steve does deploy, will challenge the eldest girl or boy. If you think you can buy this book,
just for the children to have a look, you’ll find that you have to be involved, for isn't that how the fun has evolved?

The B&W version perfectly acceptable if you just want to read the story, but if you want a book to Treasure and keep forever... seriously consider the HARDBACK version.











Cheaper B&W
Deluxe Colour Versions
"Poems N Stoems® - Book 1"
Sampler Softcover
Dust jacket
Poems N Stoems - Book 1
                (available in several formats of printed book, see the
                table to details)

This book covers the content of eBooks Volumes 1 to 4 (which are no longer available).

In this book Steve shows his writing versitality as he starts with MicroPoems, then works his way up to short stories in poem format and brought his fans the Stoem®. His style ranging from light, flighty, funny to very serious. His subject matter is likewise pretty diverse.

Steve's fans have found his work entertaining, intriguing, as well as a source of comfort. His poetry work has been enjoyed online since 2013, now you can enjoy it in this book. This is intended to be the first of a series of books, some have a particular theme, such as "Bedtime Stoems®".

Finally, the artwork adds real value to this book and was missing from the previous online versions. Please seriously consider buying the colour version of this book, it is well worth the extra.

152 pages of deliciousness to enjoy

If you can run to it the HARDBACK book, it is an absolute delight. So soft n silky and a solid book feel, a real feeling of luxury.











Black and white ONLY
"Poems N Stoems® - Book 2" Sampler
Softcover Hardback Dust jacket

This book covers the content of eBooks Volumes 5 to 8 (which are no longer available).  Also nicked some items from volumes 9 and 10.

In this book Steve continues to show his writing versitality as he brings you some great, silly and entertaining stories, for you to treasure for evermore.  The subjects range from life's challenges, through romance, to science fiction.  His writing style loved b many.  Through his STOEMS® and his natural ability to 'spin a good yarn', you know you are going to get a good story.

To make this book cheaper, there is NO colour version available.





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Last Updated:  23 December 2017