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Wrong Place, Wrong Snow?
Is this a case of wrong place and wrong snow? Two items I made, the crib scene is years old, the snowman made two weeks before Christmas 2014. My excuse for the yellow snowman..... my wife didnt have any white wool.

©2014 Steve Simons
                - Wrong Place Wrong Snow

For those crafts people amongst you, I saw a TV programme which showed these simple but fantastic devices for making wooly pom poms,  made by "Clover" you can get through and other suppliers.

The two Street Art pictures below inspired me to write "The Quiet Broken" ,
which you will find in the Volume 5 book on page 22.

Picture ©2014 Steve Simons
                  --- © the Artist of the Street Art that inspired 'The
                  Quiet Broken'rt that inspired 'The Quiet Broken'
This Street Art inspired me to
                write 'The Quiet Broken'

A princess that could not only be seen and felt,
but one that threw herself equally into battle and can be smelt.
Not haughty just to be seen and obeyed.
One who will stand beside you and also be slayed.

Christmas Picture - Check out my new picture (its an MOV video file), click HERE to play.

(c) Premier Decorations PLC (UK)
                    Dwecorations PLC (UK)
(c)2014 Steve Simons
So junior decides to rip the wallpaper... my solution how about we make a new picture to cover the tear?
Need to display your Chrstmas cards somewhere that they won't keep falling over?  How about using a door hung with some pipe cleaners and mini pegs?
(c)2014 Steve Simons
Yes I did put up our Christmas tree on 9 November. Yer tiz.....                           

(c)2014 Steve Simons


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