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Steve Simons, a
          natural creator, curator of stories and words, artist and
          photographer... you can enjoy his creativity here at at his
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My Bear Lost His Voice

My bear lost his voice,
not through my or his choice.

He used to be my best friend,
thought that would never end.

We talked about lots of silly things,
he still loves sitting on the swings.

They tried to tell me the score,
Dad never comes home any more.
it didn’t make any sense, for this they said,
‘sorry, but your dad is now dead.’

Dad used to hold my hand,
Where has he gone, I don’t understand.
on visits to the hospital.
Makes me feel rather brittle.
Like something in me wants to break.
I don't know how much of the silence I can take.

My bear has lost his voice,
definitely not my choice.

The above poem will be in my next published and PRINTED book
"Poems N Stoems® - Book 2", which will be publish by end of march 2017.

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About Steve

Welcome to the world and work of Steve Simons, the Micro Poet.  Steve started writing the micro poems as posts in games that I was playing; the posts like Twitter were restricted to something like 140 characters.  The challenge being to write something so small; that made sense; had flow; and at times was quite deep.  This book brings together some of those posts.

Thanks to fellow games players, on the game Bakery Story, who liked the posts and encouraged Steve to continue.

Oh and by the way in-case you are wondering what a STOEM® is, it is a story in poem format.

Steve now has several volumes of the series 'Poems and Stoems®' these started in 2013. In addition to these there are several other books, including a book of bedtime stories, a book of English History, the subject matter just seems to grow and grow, check out Steve's BOOKS page for further details.


Steve started writing scripts and producing an Internet Radio show for children called 'KidsCastUK'. The radio shows had a large following (mostly adults, showing steve's style had a wide appeal).  Sadly these shows disappeared when the Adam Curry and BT podshow enterprise collapsed, but fans will be pleased to know that Steve will make some of those shows available through this website, check out the KIDS page.  Hopefully new listeners will enjoy too.

Through the radio shows, steve's interest slipped into writing Science Fiction.

He wrote a number of books and short stories.   These can be found at .   You will find these in eBook and Audiobook format.  Steve became not only a writer but also an audio producer, he edited, added sound effects and produced the Audio files an hence the audio books. This experience has been used to produce several Audio files for the Poems and Stoems® on this website. You can find these Recordings HERE .


Steve is also a keen photographer, there is a whole section on this website dedicated to his photographs that were taken since this poem writing started.


In response to demand, from late 2015 Steve has been publishing his work as printed books.

First PRINTED book published 27 November 2015, an intreaguing and adictive tale about the sail battleship HMS Victory, now in dry dock, in Portsmouth, England. It is being locked up after all the visitors have left. Little does the Royal Navy Officer, who is doing last checks before the night's lock-up, know that he is about to go on the adventure of his lifetime, nor who he will meet... you can buy this book and others at or (if you want the £UK version and search for "stoems".

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