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ݰ She sits silently in the bay window,
    watching the people walking through the

What wanders through her mind and
    where does it go?
    Maybe no-one will ever know.

Ӝ For April is her name,
   and for her life is not the same.
   April doesn't understand,
   what your mind can command.
   She has a special label,
   it makes her seem unstable.
   Autism is its name,
   until recently it had no fame. 

To April there are no rules,
   no use putting April in ordinary schools.
   Yes April understands there are things
   not to do,
   but when she doesn't understand the likes
   of me and you; 
   for April has a different view,
   life comes at her with a strange hue.


Try to hold her hand and she cannot bear
   the touch,
   it doesn't seem to you and me
   to be very much. 

      To April it burns,
   her stomach churns.
   Eye to eye contact she spurns.
   For freedom she yearns.


A life alone,
   a disjointed tone.
   She seems like she is in pain,
   with nothing to gain.


Yet the dappled light,
  of snow flakes in flight,
  makes April smile,
  just for a while,
  touched by a glimpse of heavenly delight,
  like seeing an Angel ascending in flight.

Then back to her world of the un-reconcilable,
   returning to the condition of her label.

Dedicated to all who live different lives, who feel like aliens living among us. Also to those who care for them.

©2014 Steve Simons


Welcome to the world and work of Steve Simons, the Micro Poet.  I started writing the micro poems as posts in games that I was playing; the posts like Twitter were restricted to something like 140 characters.  The challenge being to write something so small; that made sense; had flow; and at times was quite deep.  This book brings together some of those posts. 

Thanks to my fellow games players who liked my posts and encouraged me to continue.

There are now TWO volumes of this book, the first covering 2013, the second covering 2014, the latter is a live project and being added to regularly, see below for the links....

See bottom of page for date updated

* what a kind and genuine person you must b! You always get to me. . . * . . You may never know how many lives you have touched. Yet please know that, you have touched mine my friend.. . * . . You have touched my heart again, with the reading of 'April'. I am eternally grateful for your words.. . * . . I'm a Psychotherapist and I really am glad that you are getting the word out! so many people suffer needlessly in silence. . . * . . Your thoughts and kindness with your gift to string them together is the sunshine in many people's hearts. . . * . . You have such a gift and are an inspiration.... Big hugs xxx . . * . . You are so talented, I feel so emotional reading your poem 'Called Depression'. . . * . . What an amazingly talented man, not only do you provide entertainment and enjoyment, but support, help and advice too with your poems . . * .The Poem "April" got the following comments: ... # You have been a 'Blessing' ... # I cried, as finally someone sees my girls as beautiful I see them; ... # I now understand what my son sees and feels; ... # Your poem is so beautiful it made me cry; ... # This poem could apply to so many situations and circumstances; ... # You are a genius a modern day Bach! .

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Last Updated:: 21 April 2014