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Customer Feedback                (The good, the bad and the ugly, it is all here - judge for yourself)
Canadian Writer: Murielle Cyr Says:

Steve Simon's The Gateway is an entertaining science fiction story for teens and pre-teens. The action is fast-paced and the main characters, Barry and Tom, are believable and endearing. The author warns about the responsibility of exploring new worlds: Respect the world you enter and don't cause any harm to the inhabitants and their surroundings. The plot is easy to follow; the characters use their walkie-talkie to transport to other worlds, sharing and updating their technological knowledge with each other. Some editing is required in a few places but a sure winner with the younger reluctant reader.
Steve Says:

Thank you indeed for your praise regards the characters and fast paced action. 

Your summary of the book is likewise, most concise and a pleasure for me to read, as it afirms my intent when I wrote this book.

I note your comment about some editing required, I am sure you are right here too, this book was written some time ago and early on in my "writing career" when I was just picking up the skills, so to speak.  No doubt I would rip into it if I revisited the text now and there may be the dnger that it would lose some of its charm, but a good "rainy day" project for me.
American Writer: Sheila Deeth Says:

Tower Bridge - Is reminiscent of a board game adventure, it is filled with detailed descriptions and events that feel like the roll of a die which determines the course of action.  The mood is enhaunced by he use of preesent tense narration, three-dimensional detail and the presence of enterprising young protagonists.  Mysterious rooms reveal strange contraptions. Curious science solves puzzles; and the furtive imagination" of a child provides helpful insights. Behnid it all is a mix of old-world new-world steampunk and of course, aliens.

Some amusing scenes, plenty of excitement, pleasing illustrations, and a satisfying conclusion round out this novel.  The sentence structures might not obey all the rules and word choice might be odd in places, but it's a fun tale.

I was lucky enough to get this book when it was free.
Steve Says:

Well, it is really rewarding that a fellow writer like yourself agrees that the book meets the author's intent. You have described the book better than I did in my synopsis.

I am really glad that the humour shone through, as a writer, you never quite sure if readers will enjoy your sense of humour.

All my books are FREE.  I tried the charge for model a long time ago but it was more hassle than benefit.  Like most creative people,  I prefer concentrating on my creative skills rather than the administration and tax aspects.  Glad you were delighted to get the book for free.

Thanks for your feedback, always welcome.
Mike Says:

Loved "The Elleshere..." book, I think it is your best yet.  Didn't have quite so much explanation about how things work, but at the same time easy and entertaining to follow.  Good story that kept my attention all through, was it really 4 hours, it didn't seem like it, the time flew.
Steve Says:

Many thanks Mike, really encouraging to get such feedback, as this book was somewhat of a departuture from my usual style and its great to hear that it worked for you.  Ah the magic of time travel!

Bill Maclaughlin Says:

"The Tower Bridge" - Outstanding story! I listened to the entire book last night.  The straightforward nature of the story line made the plot easy to follow. This was not a scientific overload as most si fi books, Novels novellas etc usually are!

I look forward to your next endevour.  My very best

Steve Says:

Many thanks Bill for the positive feedback, really glad you enjoyed the book so much that you listened to it in one sitting, wow that takes some dedication and is truly a measure of how much the book grabbed you.  Pergaps you'll enjoy the follow on "The Elleshere(Elsewhere) Place" just as much.

Chris Says:

Regenis 4 Chronicles Book 2 – The Invisible Foe-

Well I made it through the whole book, which is saying something. I felt that this was a bit more rushed and less thought out, edited, and organized than the authors other books.

The dialog could use some work and a large thread in the story (the sexual misconduct charges) that didn’t seem to develop the characters or have much bearing on the core of the story. I though that it could have just as easily been removed without having any affect.

I look forward to what the author releases next and hope he doesn’t feel my comments are too harsh or unwarranted.

Steve Says:

Many thanks for your honest feedback, I am most delighted that you have found my other books better edited, thought out and organised.

Yep you are probably right about the false charges of misconduct, I wasn't aiming at developing the characters, merely putting the lead character in a very awkward place to see how he and those around him copes.  In retrospect I could have worked on that far more and gained a lot more from it, so I take your critique fairly on the chin and hope to learn from the experience.

No I didn't take your comments as too harsh and certainly not unwarranted, it is refreshing to get good constructive criticsm and I thank you for it.  I am still learning the craft and am glad to have such positive and encouraging feedback. Thanks

David Says:

TSOT - Your well mastered narration, story line, music and sounds hooked me from the very beginning ...that's why I secretly ... yes secretly decided to purchase the entire TSOT series.  I'm sure if I leave the TSOT CD set lying about, sooner or later it will disappear and end up in some family member's PC or iPod.  I have also been secretly listening to " Loner In Space".  Thanks once again for a great service and I'm on the look out for more of your stories.

Steve Says:

Thanks David for your praise, I am most honoured and delighted that you are enjoying listening as much as I am enjoying writing the stories.  As for secretly listening......       TELL THE WORLD!

It'll get them all talking about this Steve Simons fellow
Timothy Callahan (the writer) Says:

Hey Steve, just got done listening to the Sphere of Time and at the end you asked where else you'd like them to go, well it seemed pretty obvious to me, that they need to head into the future now!  Maybe 80 years into the future, could be a fun story to think about.

Timothy replied:
Nice to hear there will be more from you, I did enjoy the first one but it really sounded almost like a teaser story, not a full thought out story, almost like part one of a bigger story.  Nothing wrong with that of course, I got the feeling you were testing the Podiobook waters, sounds like you did and enjoyed the swim!
Keep the intro short and lose the song, or at least limit it to 30 seconds or less.  I hate doing intros, which is why I don't really do any for Arwen (although I might have to start since people were complaining) .

Steve Says:

Thanks, Timothy, for the suggestion, at the time you wrote this I had already started TSOT2 and as you'll know by now, I decided to go in a "less obvious" route (no dig intended there as I know you're a fantasic writer and I'm honoured that you took the time to make the suggestion).  The title of TSOT2 is the clue as to the direction I took, "The Sphere of Travel".  I did consider taking John Latham into the future, but my creative and twisted mind took me somewhere else.  For those who haven't heard the book yet, you'll just have to listen to it to find out where they went.

Steve Says:
Spot on regards The Sphere of Travel, it was a "toe dip" into the world of writing SciFi for serious and for Podiobooks and yes I is hooked now.

Good point regards the intros. Have done so in TSOT2 and more so in TSOT3.  As for the direction of TSOT3, well you'll just have to listen to that.  I'm loving your Arwen series by the way.  I will revisit TSOT 1 when I get time, as the intros were far too long.
Anonymous Says:

In the first book "The Sphere of Time" the SS Alabama is in the right time frame, but there was little difference in the speech of the American characters and John Latham.
Steve Says:

Thanks, it was a coincidence that there is actually a ship called the Alabama, I thought I had plucked the name out of the air.  Yes I agree looking back at the story that the dialogue was a bit lacking.  I concentrated too much on the storyline.  Also the person who read the book, wasn't too sure if he could do an authentic sounding American accent.

Jenny Says:

The characters were rather flat in the first book "The Sphere of Time", but I am really enjoying the love interest in the second book "The Sphere of Travel" I hope there is more.  Like the fact that there are a lot of characters in this one.
Steve Says:

Glad you're enjoying the second book more than the first.  You are right the characters are rather flat and 2 dimensional in the first book.  I concentrated more on development of the characters and the interplay between them  in the second and third books.  As for the love interest, you'll just have to wait and see. 
Anthony Says:

I liked your  story "The Sphere of Time", but I listened to it on podiobooks.com and because I listened to it one right after the other while I was driving, the same song going in and going out ; it got to where I actually almost hated that song even though it was a good song.

In my opinion I would put an opening song and then a second song going out and keep them actually shorter just 10 or 15 seconds.

Other than that I liked the story and enjoyed it and thank you for doing it.
Steve Says:

Thanks Anthony for your constructive criticism,  I have taken it into account in TSOT2 ("The Sphere of Travel") and even in TSOT3.   I thank you for that feedback, it helped me change things to keep my audience happy.  I am planning to revisit TSOT 1 and reduce the intro music and remove the outros.  It is just a case of getting the time.

Thanks also for your encouragement it IS MUCH appreciated.  Nice to know that people enjoy what you work hard at and it is hard work I can assure everyone.
Rory Says:

I found the series most entertaining and well worth the money spent to get the last part :). 

I wonder if at some future point we might get to hear something of "Paul's Story"

I am chomping at the bit. :)   I might have to spend this evening listening to audio books that are not by one Steve Simons. Not sure how I'll cope with that :)
Steve Says:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the 3 books and found it worthwhile paying for the final book.

Regards Paul, I referred someone else to the last chapter in "The Gateway", is this Paul?  Even I don't know.  Watch this time and space.

There's no pressure on me then? Ha Ha!
Mekala Says:

I am, as ever, so impressed with your writing skills and how you are juggling all of this ( don’t know how you do it ! ). 

I cant believe you don’t want to write more than 3 books in the TSOT series – you sure you’re not changing your mind ??

I am an ardent fan and a keen marketer of your talent!
Steve Says:

Thanks Mekala for your praise and for your efforts in "marketing" my stories, it's obviously working (listen to SteveSimonsToday Show 2 for latest subscriber figures).

I'm absolutely sure that I will only write 3 TSOT books, otherwise it becomes stale.  But fear not there are plenty of other stories in me yet.  Especially with fans like yourself encouraging me to go onwards and upwards.

I hope the marketeering doesn't include selling CD's on a market stall.... just joking!

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Last Updated:  22 September 2013