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The Tower Bridge

This book was written for children, but no doubt adults will love it also, as has happened to the other books written originally for children.

The book tells the story of two boys who start on one adventure, but to a rather exciting discovery in a tower, end up on a completely different adventure.  What happens  to them?  Can they find their way back?  To find out join Andrew and Stuart as they discover the Tower Bridge.

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Dare you join Andrew and Stuart as they discover
The Tower Bridge?

ADVICE:  Suggested audience 6 plus.

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01 - The Tower
(11.59 MB)
Two boys a large old building and a chase, but just what is going on and just who are these people who appear to be after the boys?  Can the boys escape?
02 - Just What Is This Junk?
(13.5 MB)
The boys have found their way into a room filled with something old and dusty and it isn't a collection of old arm chairs, but just what is it and what is it or even was it used for?
03 - Beyond
(18.4 MB)
The boys no longer find themselves in the dusty room filled with equipment, instead in large empty and also dusty room.  How far away from the hotel are they now?  More importantly how are they going to get back?
04 - Eyes Out On Stalks
(9.8 MB)
Henry had promised the boys that their eyes would be out on stalks as he takes the boys to his laboratory and shows them a few of his inventions.
 05 - The Saysestrians
(8.8 MB)
Henry introduces the rather nervous boys to his benefactors and original occupants of this planet, the Saysestrians.
06 - Don't Give Up Hope
(10.5 MB)
After having met  one of the Saysestrians, the boys are told there will be no way back home, then they are taken to a room, given some bedding materials and left alone.  They discuss the meeting, then settle down to sleep, if they can get to sleep.  In this episode we find out what happens when they get up the next day.
07 - Determined
(7.6 MB)
Henry and Stuart are discussing their progress, but neither can understand how Andrew is going to make the crystals in Henry's Laborartory, generate the base signals that Henry's device needs.
08 - Convincing
( 7.8MB)
The group are reminded that the Saysestrians want them to work towards their aims and not towrads escape from this place.  Henry has received orders to provide feedback on their progress, but what should he tell the Saysestrians ?
 09 - Have To Stop Them
(8.1 MB)
Henry marches out, with the boys following, nbot knowing what he has planned, but whatever it is involves the Kelidons as they are following behind.  Can Henry stop the Saysestrians, or do they still hold the upper hand?
10 - What Have You Done?
(4.5 MB)
The boys wait to see if Henry returns, the wait seems like and enternity, when finally they hear the Kelidons, the boys wonder if Henry is with them, or is he laying dead or injured deeper in this building?  Just what has Henry done, if anything?
11 - Work The Like You've Never Seen Before
(8.2 MB)
For days the group have worked hard to fix what the Saysestrians had burnt.  Andrew has finally come up with a solution, but how does it work, Henry and Stuart are at a loss to understand it.  Andrew demonstrates his invention and all becomes clear.
12 -  Interference
(10.9 MB)
Just one more thing to make and the Saysestrians are interfeering with that, so Stuart is sent to watch over the latest bubbling mix of melting rocks.  Can Stuart stop the Saysestrians on his own?
13 - More Complications
(8.4 MB)
Stuart has returned to the main building after his struggle with the Saysestrian, but what is he going to do now that the Saysestrian appeared to be in trouble?
 14 - Who's What?
(10.4 MB)
The equipment appears to be ready for use, but will it work?  If it does will it take the group back home or elsewhere?  If home, to who's time frame?
15 - Re-United
(11.5 MB)
Henry returns, but is he really free?  What of his family, will he and the boys be able to find them? You will just have to listen to find out.

Pictures From The Book (if your MP3 player shows album cover these will appear)
The room
                      was filled with lots of junk, the purpose of which
                      escaped the boys
                      looked kind of like two spiders one on top of the
                      other, but each the opposite way up. It had two
                      showed Andrew the tray of crystals on his desk.
                      walked on through the metal storm, only checking
                      every so often that the boys were still following
                      doorway to the room that Henry went into was very
The mix
                      was bubbling still. Henry was most impressed at
                      the spread and number of items that Stuart had


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