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The Sphere of Transition (TSOT3)
The Sphere of Transition (TSOT3)

At last the wait is over, as Steve Simons brings you the final part of the TSOT series, for FREE. 

John and crew return home.  John and Debbie set off to fetch the Police, as they know they have to report the problems that they encountered on their mission and the disappearance of a crew member.  As the office does not have a phone, they decide to go to John's house. Debbie sets off for the local shops to get some food, whilst John finds that there are lights on in the house and someone is looking out of the front room window.  Just what is going on?  Has someone moved into John's house?

As you can expect, there is more to this Science Fiction book, than just the opening mystery.  Those who bought this edition loved it, it is now your turn to complete the story.

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1 There's Nothing Like Home (16.2Mb)
John finds himself standing before Debbie with two children, he plays the part of devoted husband and father, in the hope that he can find out what is going on.
2 Awkward is not the word for it (16.3Mb)
Debbie opens the front door only to see herself.  She has been somewhat suspicious regards John's behaviour, but now this confirms that there is something really wrong here.  How will John and his Debbie cope?
3 Planning for the missing (14.9Mb)
John and Debbie get back to the Sphere and tell the crew what has happened, only to be greeted with the news that one of the crew has escaped, but who is it and where have they gone?  John and team set about planning their search strategy.
4 Searching (17.8Mb)
The search starts,John visits Debbie 2 to get some advice first.  Then they set about searching the local town as their starting point.  There are quite a few surprises in store.
5 Bigger Than Anticipated (12.8Mb)
The local town is bigger than they had anticipated and the search takes longer than they expected. But, do they find any trace of the missing crew member? Is anyone suspicious about their activities?
6 Found But Not The Same (19.1Mb)
The four set about continuing their search for the missing crew member at the massive shopping and leisure centre.  They split into two teams, they find the person they seek, but things are somewhat different.   Amanda tries to convince the crew member to come back with them, but is she successful?

Whilst Amanda is trying to convince the crew member to come back with them, John and Debbie are being arrested and Callum is helpless to save them.
7 Deeper and Deeper (18Mb)
Another crew members escapes from the sphere.  They manage to get a lift to their home town, but when they arrive there will they recognise it?
8 Rough Times (14.3Mb)
Amanda and Callum are left in the dark as they are unable to contact Zack and William.  Zack formulates a plan to get Debbie and John out of prison.  The second escaped crew member is also not having a smooth ride of things, home is no longer home. Can things get any worse?
9 Lock-in (14.5Mb)
Zack manages to tell Amanda and Callum his plan to spring Debbie and John.  They get appropriate clothes and head for the area where Debbie and John are being held. Meanwhile the second escapee is formulating their own plans, the person who came to their aid last night wants to tag along. Back at the jail breakout, things are not goingt to plan.
10 On The Run (18.3Mb)
The Professor and Ben return to the resources centre, to continue the Professor's research into an appropriate university to continue his research. The Professor's lack of identity causes problems, hence the title of this chapter.  But the Professor and Ben are not the only ones on the run.
11 Problems At Home (13.3 Mb)
The now much larger group travel back to Newark-on-trent transit station.  What greeting will they recieve?  Will security be waiting for them?  Is Debbie 2 still OK or has she been arrested also?  If not arrested at the station, is the van still at the station?  Debbie wonders if her shopping is still safe in the locker.
12 Difficult Decisions (17.4Mb)
Debbie 2 is having problems, she cannot get any food for her and the children for starters.  The team debate who could go along to the local administration centre and get some emergency money to tide Debbie and family over for a while.  However someone else arrives and is very suspicious of these strangers real motives.
13  Departure (18.2Mb)
The John from this world tells his story, will this explain what our John had seen when he ventured out in the first sphere?  Debbie 2 tells her John that the authorities were after her and John.  Our John asks if the Debbie and John from this world want to join them aboard the sphere. Will they leave their world to take a chance with these travellers?
14 Business As Usual (18.3Mb)
Well it was a good attempt, but the appear to have arrived back on Debbie 2 and John 2's world. They decide to have another go, but this time head out somewhere else in space, in an attempt to change universes. They plan to revisit the Gharjian's planet.  Will they actually arrive there and if they do, will they still get a freindly reception?
15 Discoveries (14.7Mb)
With the excitement of the freighter returning home now over.  John decides that it is time to go to their earth. The fold drive is run up again and the children are entertained playing some weighless games. Do they actually make it home though?
16 In The Thick of It (9.7Mb)
John is going to be in trouble when his Debbie discovers that Debbie 2 qnd family have gone.  John manages to rescue the situation using the gift that the Gharjian's had given them. The drive kicks in again but will it at last take them home?
17 Finding Solutions (13.6Mb)
So this is not home and the locals look somewhat pre-occupied in their own struggles.  John and crew concentrate on trying to stay out of things, but.... well listen to and you'll see what I mean.
18 Options (12.1Mb)
The Sphere has been seriously damaged. Zack manages to upload pictures of the stars to the alien comms device and forwards them to the Gharjians, in the hope that they can rescue the sphere.  Debbie comes up with a novel solution to their problem, but John is none too comfortable with it.
19 The Order Of Things (11.2Mb)
As the Gharjian's have been unable to find the sphere's position the only realistic avenue open to them is to try out Debbie's ideas.  John volunteers to be the first to test it out, the plan being to try and transport him from his office to the bridge.  Will it work, or is this farewell to John Latham?
20 Homeward Bound (10.8Mb)
As the first experiment went well, plans are made as to who will go in what order.  There are problems automating the transfer process though.
21 All Going Well When (14.7Mb)
William recovers some of his hearing, it had been damaged when the explosion happened close to engineering.  Zack is still having problms with the software to automate the transfer process.  John puts their sponsor Simon, in the picture regards the problems they had encountered and the three crew members that they had lost.
22 Awkward Questions (10.2Mb)
One of the crew is injured during the transfer, the ambulance crew ask a lot of awkward questions
23  Evidence (12.4Mb)
The solicitor that sponsor has arranged,discusses the evidence that had been brought back from the sphere.  Debbie joins them and shows the solicitor the evidence on the server. Zack still cannot get the software to work, but a solution has to be found, otherwise he or the Professor will have to remain aboard the Sphere.
24 That's Absolutely Right Debbie (11.4Mb)
We pick up the story many years later and join Debbie, John and their Daughter Jessica as they discuss the TSOT story and what had happened since the adventure ended.

This is the last book honestly
25 The Lighter Side(Outtakes) (8.8Mb)
Now you have completed the series, you can enjoy the moments that didn't quit go according to the originating flans, try as we might concentration sometimes wained and the worms that came out, didn't always watch what was on the written page. 
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