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The Sphere of Time (TSOT 1)
The Sphere Of Time

This is a science fiction story that is suitable for children and adults alike. It tells the story of John Latham a scientist and Engineer, who thinks he has found a way to travel through time, space or even another dimension. However, he is not sure unless he can test out his ideas. John is lucky enough to come across a wealthy man who puts up the money to try out John's idea. But the crux of this book is, if he succeeds in getting there, wherever there actually is, what will he find when he gets there? Will he create situations that affect his own existence in the future? Would he be able to get back to his own world, universe or time? Or would John be trapped forever in that place and time that he so desperately wanted to travel to?

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Here's What Some Of Steve's Fans Have to Say about the TSOT series.....

Anonymous Says:
In the first book "The Sphere of Time" the SS Alabama is in the right time frame, but there was little difference in the speech of the American characters and John Latham.

Steve Says:
Thanks, it was a coincidence that there is actually a ship called the Alabama, I thought I had plucked the name out of the air.  Yes I agree looking back at the story that the dialogue was a bit lacking.  I concentrated too much on the storyline.  Also the person who read the book, wasn't too sure if he could do an authentic sounding American accent.

Jenny Says:
The characters were rather flat in the first book "The Sphere of Time", but I am really enjoying the love interest in the second book "The Sphere of Travel" I hope there is more.  Like the fact that there are a lot of characters in this one.

Steve Says:
Glad you're enjoying the second book more than the first.  You are right the characters are rather flat and 2 dimensional in the first book.  I concentrated more on development of the characters and the interplay between them  in the second and third books.  As for the love interest, you'll just have to wait and see. 

Anthony Says:
I liked your  story "The Sphere of Time", but I listened to it on podiobooks.com and because I listened to it one right after the other while I was driving, the same song going in and going out ; it got to where I actually almost hated that song even though it was a good song.

In my opinion I would put an opening song and then a second song going out and keep them actually shorter just 10 or 15 seconds.

Other than that I liked the story and enjoyed it and thank you for doing it.

Steve Says:

Thanks Anthony for your constructive criticism,  I have taken it into account in TSOT2 ("The Sphere of Travel") and even in TSOT3.  On the MP3 CD version the music is kept to a minimum and vastly reduced in duration.  I thank you for that feedback, it helped me change things to keep my audience happy.  I am planning to revisit TSOT 1 and reduce the intro music and remove the outros.  It is just a case of getting the time.

Thanks also for your encouragement it IS MUCH appreciated.  Nice to know that people enjoy what you work hard at and it is hard work I can assure everyone.

Rory Says:
I found the series most entertaining and well worth the money spent to get the last part :). 

I wonder if at some future point we might get to hear something of "Paul's Story"

I am chomping at the bit. :)  
I might have to spend this evening listening to audio books that are not by one Steve Simons. Not sure how I'll cope with that :)

Steve Says:
Thanks, glad you enjoyed the 3 books and found it worthwhile paying for the final book.

Regards Paul, I referred someone else to the last chapter in "The Gateway", is this Paul?  Even I don't know.  Watch this time and space.

There's no pressure on me then? Ha Ha!

Timothy Callahan (the writer) Said: 

Hey Steve, just got done listening to the Sphere of Time.

Nice to hear there will be more from you, I did enjoy the first one but it really sounded almost like a teaser story, not a full thought out story, almost like part one of a bigger story.  Nothing wrong with that of course, I got the feeling you were testing the Podiobook waters, sounds like you did and enjoyed the swim!
Keep the intro short and lose the song, or at least limit it to 30 seconds or less.  I hate doing intros, which is why I don't really do any for Arwen (although I might have to start since people were complaining) .
Steve Said:
Thanks, Timothy, for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated as I know you're a fantasic writer and I'm honoured that you took the time to contact me. 

Spot on regards The Sphere of Travel, it was a "toe dip" into the world of writing SciFi for serious and for Podiobooks and yes I is hooked now.

Good point regards the intros. Have followed your advice in TSOT2 and more so in TSOT3
. Going to revisit TSOT 1 when I get time and re-do intros.   I'm loving your Arwen series by the way.

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1 - Theories
(9.09 MB)
Two friends meet up after a number of years at a coffee shop. But is the meeting a chance meeting. One of the friends claims that he may have found a way to travel through time, space or even into parallel universes. How does he claim that this is possible? Ch01
 2 - Maths Colours and Destinations
(10.45 MB)
David has agreed to join John on his expedition to see if his time travel idea works, we join them as they are traveling around the Bermuda triangle an area renowed for ships and aircraft disappearances. in the last episode John told of the theory that the disappearances were due to a black hole who's opening appears periodically in the Bermuda triangle area. David has found a way of predicting where the next black hole will appear, or at least its outward appearance of a storm. However he is having a bit of trouble with his mathematical prediction model.

 3 - Confidence
(11.75 MB)
It is launch day and John is very nervous about his pending trip in the sphere, will the sphere find the back hole vortex; will it and John be crushed or ripped to pieces; if he makes it through the black hole tunnel where will he find himself? Is this the end of his adventure, does he survive?
 4 - Rough Ride
(11.21 MB)
David had managed to convince John that all would go well, but does it? David and Paul watched the sphere until it disappeared into the eye of the storm, there was a flash of lightening and the sphere disappeared. As the title of this episode indicates it is going to be a rough ride, but will the sphere and John survive the journey?
 5 - Treading on Egg Shells
(12.24 MB)
John has found himself on a steam ship, the USS Alabama, but where is it and what time frame? John finds himself facing an inquisition from a Lieutenant Kinsey, who orders that John be taken to the ship's jail. Great, he arrives somewhere safely, only to find himself locked up in another form of cell. Will John ever get out again? You'll have to listen to find out.
 6 - In Judgement
(11.32 MB)
John finds himself in very difficult circumstances again. He finds himself having to be very careful not only what he says but also how he says it. He is presented with evidence about an incident that occurred recently and is asked to judge if the captain had been guilty of murder.
 7 - Hot Conversation
(12.52 MB)
In this episode John is injured, he gets to know a bit more about the crew, takes a tour of the ship (well at least the deck) and finds himself in the thick of some very uncomfortable crosstalk. At least the dinner looks and tastes good.
8 - The Accused
(12.52 MB)
In the last episode, John was invited to take another walk around the deck, but this time by the Captain. John hears the Captains version of events concerning the missing officer. Then is asked to judge how a court martial hearing would view the evidence against the Captain. Find out how John copes with being cornered yet again.
 9 - Judge Yea Not For Yea Shall Also
(11.15 MB)
Surprisingly John manages to get some sleep, but has a rude awakening when the morning comes around. He is carted off under arrest yet again, but why, what has changed? Did the Captain take exception after all to John's comments last night? Has someone accused him of doing something he hasn't done? You'll jolly well have to listen to find out.
10 - One Crisis To Another
(12.24 MB)
Faced with the evidence put before the Captain, how will John get out of this situation. John has to find a way to save his very life, he must muster whatever cunning he can to get out of the situation. Then as if that isn't bad enough the weather changes and the USS Alabama is facing its own trials. What do the next few hours hold in store for John and the crew of the USS Alabama?
11 - And It Shall Come To Pass
(14.01 MB)
Is John facing a self imposed death sentence, cast adrift in the sphere. Both vessels, the ship and sphere battle with the weather. Then something else enters the equation, but just what is it and what will be the outcome? John cannot believe what he reads on his laptop, surely it just cannot be true?
12 -Reflections
(16.01 MB)
John splashes down in the sea again, but what sea, where and when? Has his trip affected the flow of time? Will David and the Research boat even exist let alone find John and the sphere? What fate lays before john now? If this is the earth that he has landed on, has John brought doom and destruction back with him through the black hole tunnel? Music By: Sarah Donner Track: 'To the Ocean' Available from music.podshow.com
13 - Lessons Learned
(12.41 MB)
Lessons Learned Adrift at sea, having narowly escaped being blown up, John faced the dilema to remain floating in the sea and watch the sphere be dragged away from him,or swim like mad to get back to the sphere and stand the chance of yet again being dragged into the vortex and through the tunnel to somewhere else. He decides on the latter course, but does he make it back to the sphere in time? Is he dragged back through the vortex to face the same nightmare again? Music By: Sarah Donner Track: "To the Ocean" Available from music.podshow.com

14 - Afterthoughts
(7.45 MB)
Well you can't end on episode 13 can you? This isn't so much an episode, more a review of how this book came to be written and some background behind the characters. Will there be another book? Music By: Sarah Donner Track: "To the Ocean" Available from music.podshow.com

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