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The Book

A team of twelve people bought together to travel in an experimental craft that will take them deep into space. Where are they going to end up. Apart from exploration, what is their mission and what will happen?

Come and join Steve on this his latest adventure into the realms of science fiction.

This book was started in 2011 and "parked" for 4 years.  Steve is departing from previous practice of only putting a book out there when it is finished, this one will be updated as each chapter is written.  So the story may change as the adventure unwinds. Steve may also be influenced by readers feedback, so if the project is still ongoing, who knows, you may be able to influence the outcome.

Below are some of the things that are influencing Steve and also ideas and supporting materials that he and others have produced, you can for the first time immerse yourself fully in the creative process.  N-Joy.
Cover image: ©2015 Woolooloo Arts and Steve Simons

This Book is available at present ONLY as a PDF, text file will be added in due course... and ..... if you would like it to be an audio book, let Steve know.

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Project Darwin-Reightler


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Not being made but may be,
Subject to enough interest
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May I suggest you START reading the book BEFORE looking at the following support materials,
the book  is available as a FREE PDF, click or tap HERE

The idea
The idea for the book came from the thought, "What would happen if you threw the whole dynamic of teambuilding and carefully picking characteristics and skills to one side and dispensed with all that nonsense."  Also the thought of, "What if we discovered something and tried to copy it, not really knowing what we were doing, how would the end result come together and would it work?"

My strap line for this work is:

" It is best to LEARN from the past, so you can make sure that you donít make the same mistakes again, but sometimes your hands are so tied that those around you will not let you follow this instinct to avoid mistakes."

Oh dear have I given away too much already

Sound Inspiration  click or tap HERE to play the track (c) Alexandre
I often use things like a picture or sound to inspire me, frequently it is a whole track.  In this case, the latter.  If the book is ever made into an AudioBook this track will be used as the opening sequence.  Close your eyes and put your ears at the disposal of the most excellent musicianAlexandre Falco and his inspiring peice "Travelling Through".  Click or tap HERE to play the track.

More of his music can be found at:  musicalley.com

The Craft's decks...
(c)2015 Steve Simons - Steve uses
              tools such as these to keep track of the layout of the
              place that the characters are in, otherwise it would be so
              easy for a crew member to walk out of one room and into
              another that is actually on a completely separate deck.

The Crew
(c)2015 Steve Simons - Steve uses
              tools such as these to keep track of who does what and how
              they relate to each other in a story like this, otherwise
              it becomes very easy to lose the plot

More Support Materials coming as the story develops   . . .
I have invited an artist to design a cover for me, so I am hoping they will accept my invite as whilst the cover I designed is OK, it is just that and I would like something more for what promises to be a good read.

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Last Updated:  26 April 2015