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Loner in Space
Loner in Space

This book was written originally for children, but the adults in Steve's test audience also enjoyed it.

The book tells the story of a boy who is a bit of a loner at school and in life. His home life is also a bit in tatters since his mum died.  The book takes up the story when he discovers something in the woods, near where he lives, little does he know where his discovery will take him, but the title of the book gives you an idea, what will he find there?  Will he still be alone?

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Dare you join Paul as he becomes Loner in Space?

ADVICE: This book not suitable for really young children, suggested audience 8 plus.
(c) Steve Simons

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01 - The Loner
(11.59 MB)
Paul Simpkins an eleven year old, hates school, mainly because he hates the bullies. Then there's home, well it has never been the same since his Mum had died. Life just has to get better than this? It is about to take on a whole new meaning as Paul makes a discovery. The Adventure continues.... Just make sure you stick with The Loner in Space.
02 - Is This Place Dangerous?
(13.88 MB)
No homework to do, so Paul can return to his discovery and find out more about it. This time he finds himself inside, but inside what? Is it dangerous to be here? Music Outrospecive by Proxymo available from musicalley.com.
03 - The Unpredictable
(12.9 MB)
Why is it that when you want something to work faster, or for someone to be available, neither work in your favour? A trouble shared is a trouble halved, or so they say. Can Pau's friend support that saying, as Paul discusses what he has found?
04 - Strange
(14.15 MB)
It appears that Zack's suggested measures have detected something, but just what? Is there danger here? Is Paul safe? Just what are all those glass bumps about? Just what is this place, some sort of control room, or what?
 05 - Trapped
(15.76 MB)
Zack is convinced that Paul is in over his head and this thing is far too dangerous to continue. Will Paul take Zack's advice? Come on he's 11 years old, of course he doesn't! When Paul goes back to his discovery, he runs into trouble, but what form does the trouble take?
06 - In Trouble
(9.82 MB)
Having discovered the true nature of his discovery, Paul just wishes he didn't have to find out this way, being trapped down here with it. Paul wonders why one of the suits has been brought out here. He is shocked when he finds the truth. Just how does Paul escape from this place and what happens next? You'll just have to listen to find out.
07 - And There's More
(16.07 MB)
Paul returns to his project site and conducts some more research. His work produces good results. When it comes time to return home, this does not prove to be as easy as it has been on previous nights. To find out why, you just have to listen to this chapter.
08 - From Torment To Adventure
After being caught sneaking home, Paul had to play the part of being a model son. A week of this was just enough, Paul finds that he just has to get back to work. Paul is determined to test this baby out to the full and that's just what he manages to do in this chapter.
 09 -Ever Wished You Hadn't
(12.84 MB)
Have you got your travel sickness Pills? You'll need them if you join Paul, as he is in space, yes that's right he is actually in space. Paul has seen the international space station up close. However, he is now heading away from the earth. Can he steer a course back to the blue planet that he calls home? Or is he destined to die in space?
10 - Are We There Yet?
(14.14 MB)
Just when will this journey be over? Is the craft heading for an actual destination? If it does reach it's point of origin, will there still be anyone alive there? Sorry you'll just have to wait and listen to this chapter, to follow the journey. Hope you still have plenty of popcorn, you're going to need it.
11 - I Hope You Don't See Me
(13.42 MB)
The craft having landed, is now being explored by the local inhabitants, but what has happened to Paul? They cannot find him. Just how does Paul escape and where can he go? Sorry no clues here, you just gotta listen.
12 - A Boy Has To Do
(13.19 MB)
Loads of aliens, no laptop, no means of getting this craft off the ground. How on, on, where is this place anyway? This craft is useless now to Paul, he has to find another in order to get home. Why does he keep feeling so dizzy and falling alseep?
13 - Escape But Escape To Where
(15.19 MB)
Ok so he has managed to escape the craft, but where to now, he is surrounded by buildings and now there are aliens coming at him from all angles. Dare he dive into that pool of liquid in the corner? Is the liquid safe? If Paul doesn't dive into the liquid, can he take his chances with these aliens? Would the pool take him to the other side of the building it is in front of? If it does, where does he go from there? Darn it, I've run out of popcorn! Ch13
 14 - Challenges
(15.7 MB)
Paul is still suffering, his breathing is painful and laboured. He feels really out of condition, a hill like that, he'd leap up it at home, but here? Paul makes it to another building, but the guard has a good view of all approaches. Paul needs somehow to get through or round the building, but how?
15 - Harm
(16.32 MB)
Paul has managed to find a craft and it is empty, but by the time he has checked it all out, he's so tired that he has fallen asleep. He is discovered by the aliens and taken to the building. What are they planning to do with Paul? Will he come to any harm?
16 - Understanding
(14.14 MB)
There is one big problem... how are the aliens and Paul going to understand each other? In this chapter, Paul finds a way to communicate. The aliens now seem to want to help Paul get better and return to his own planet. A plan is made and the journey starts, but will the alien craft be shot down when it reaches the earth?
17 - Home But At What Cost
(12.66 MB)
Paul makes a broadcast to the people of earth, in the hope that they will allow the alien craft to safely return Paul home. The aliens have a little plan of their own though. When Paul finds out what they are up to is it too late to stop them and in any case how can one mere eleven year old stop a craft full of aliens?
18 - What Can A Mere Boy Do
(11.2 MB)
The startling truth of the situation has left Paul with an almost impossible task ahead of him, how can he stop the aliens from carrying out their plans. Now that he has found out that there is more than one craft, there is still only one earth boy. What does he do to outwit the aliens?
19 -As If That Isn't Bad Enough
(12.05 MB)
One of the aliens is dead and it affects Paul considerably, the alien he has brought with him to see if he can help, turns from being an enemy to being quite suppportive of Paul. But crashing towards the earth as they are, they have little time for feelings, the alien has found a way to sort of control the craft, but will it be enough control to be able to land safely? Do they both survive? Am I glad I got another helping of popcorn I think I'm going to need it
20 - Care
(10.39 MB)
So OK Paul is safe, but what about the alien?  He's alive, but is he well?  Paul struggles to get answers to his questions about the alien.  Then comes the problem, of how to get him back to his own people.
21 - Making Arrangements
(14.4 MB)
We have a plan, but will the officials of earth agree to it and come to that, will the aliens co-operate?  In this chapter there are a lot of discussions, but will anyone agree to anything?
It seems to be happening, the hand over of the alien to his own people, but it is a tense time, on slip up and it could end up in a battle, that neither side really want now. What can Paul do to make things happen?  Just what can an eleven year old do that all these adults around him can't?
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Pictures From The Book (if your MP3 player shows album cover these will appear)
                      drew a diagram of the craft
The door opened to reveal what looked
                      like a ship's cabin

                      were brown stains on some of these glass like
                      bumps and when the torch shone into one...
Paul could just about make out the coast of
                      Spain on the horizon, at least he thought it was
The torch rolled down the control panel
                      and.... The craft was now heading
                      towards a spiral galaxy, and then further adjusted

The craft was now
                        heading for a spiral arm of the galaxy
                      of the second craft, it was altogether larger and
                      a far superior design....

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