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The Elleshere (Eslewhere) Place -
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The Elleshere (Elsewhere) Place

The disappearance of a father and then his daughter, are of interest not only to the police, but to someone else nearby. 
But little does the man know, how much he, a complete stranger to the area, will be dragged into the events that have unfolded. 
That is until he finds himself recording the whole thing.... and what a strange story it is indeed.

A science fiction story following on from "The Gateway" and "The Tower Bridge"

Story (c)2011 Steve Simons - A SciFiStories.co.uk & Podiobooks.com co-production

Music `Somewhere in Between` By Jasmine Commerce

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Trouble - A man out walking encounters a figure dressed in dark clothes standing on a misty outcrop in the wilds of Cornwall.  The figure is either lost or looking for someone ore something, but what?
Could it get any worse? - Having had a brush with the law that he'd rather not have had, Paul just hopes that he can get on with his life, but the father turns up and he is not at all happy with Paul.
Anyway It isn't about me - Jo sudenly turns up and apologises for all the bother and Paul is so intreagued by her story that he finds himself writing it down.  It all started when Jo went out again to look for her father or for any signs that the police may have missed.  She thinks she has spotted something, bends down to investigate...
The Ailers and more - Having encountered something vaguely like a turtle with loads of legs and green wrinkly skin and nearly having her head smashed by a faintly visible club; Jo is glad to escape, but to what.  The latest encounter makes her wonder if she is deep within a dream, having suffered a bump on the head.
From plan to rescue - Jemi and Jezi-Lee have found an encampment where they suspect that Ella is being kept.  This information leads Jo's new freinds the Wies-an-Fusa to plan an attack to rescue Ella.  We follow them as the attack takes place.
Elles here - Jo feels so guilty about the injury that she has inflicted on Tomisk-Lee.  Barse is impressed by Jo's logic and 'Wise counsel' that he declares her as a good freind of the Wies-an-Fusa.
To the coast - Having found now that the Grobs appear to have taken Ella to an island, Barse agrees to Jo's plan to send a scouting party to see if they can find the island and see if there are any signs of the Grobs on the island.
What now? - Things not going at all well, Jo cannot see Desag and wonders how she is going to complete her mission let alone find her way all the way back to the Fusas.  Jo's sheer persistence pays off though.
Disturbed - Having found somewhere to settle and having the companionship of her loyal Cut-Tager, Jo has fallen asleep, then suddenly all changes....
To find the way back - Mission accomplished, or at least having found that the Grobs are on the island, Jo must find her way back to the Fusas to get the news to them.  However, it is a long way and quite a complicated route, can Jo do it?
Many brave Fusas and one girl - The journey back to the coast does not seem so far this time, but having all the Fusas and their banter going on around, helps.  The Fusas plan does not sit well with Jo though, she thinks it is far too risky and fraught with danger.
Disappointment is normal - Jo blames herself for not keeping a watch on the coast, but Barse assures her that there was nothing more that she could do.  As if that is not bad enough, Jo dreads the return through the tunnel, she is convinced that the Grobs are waiting to abush them down there.  The Fusas, don't appear in the least worried though.
A new day - With a new day comes a new plan, but this one seems no more sensible than the previous one.
Another Way - The Ailer scouts return with the good news that everything is on track, but will Jo's fears be proved right or will Barse's confidence pay off?
The journey home - The Fusas insist that Jo travels on the biggest Cut-Tager that they can find, despite the fact that many Fusas have far worse injuries than Jo.  When they get back to the Fusas home on the hill, the party takes Jo's mind off the fact that she still needs to get home.

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