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All That Sparkles
              Is Not... a FREE book by Steve Simons
The Book

A small team working on what they think is a communications laser, soon find themselves involved in the adventure of a lifetime.  Just what have they discovered though?  Is their discovery going to be of enormous benefit or a curse to the human race?  Is this a case of be careful what you wish for?

Still not convinced that this book is worth a download?  It has been described by one of Steve's fans as "This is a book that I found I could not put down, I just had to know what was going to happen next.  It is full of the magic of discovery, exploring an alien place with strange ideas, yet through it all the thread of an adventure, a goal to be achieved, yet frustration, after frustration stands in the path of those involved.  Glad I read it.  Although I mis the all characters now that I have come to the end."


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Mp3  Files BELOW
(rescued from Archive and oblivion)

Ch  01 (  7.1 Mb)
Bright Start

Ch 02 (  9.6 Mb)

Ch 03 ( 12.7 Mb) The Adventure BEGINS

Ch 04 ( 12.6 Mb) DARK is not the word for it

Ch 05 (     5 Mb) Like Waves

Ch 06 ( 16.4 Mb) Reaching an Understanding

Ch 07 ( 10.2 Mb) Expected?

Ch 08 ( 20.5 Mb) Take me to your Master

Ch 09 ( 20 Mb) Day One

Ch 10 (  9.3Mb) Impressive or What?

Ch 11 ( 14.9 Mb) Call THIS Entertainment?

Ch 12 ( 12 Mb) Escape Plans

Ch 13 ( 10.7 Mb) What is going on?

Ch 14 ( 11.9 Mb) From BAD to WORSE

Ch 15 ( 5.5 Mb) Where Are You?

Ch 16 ( 9.1Mb) Teamwork

Ch 17 ( 12.1 Mb) In Search of the Unknown

Ch 18 (  9.6 Mb) It Feels Like Progress

Ch 19 (  6.6 Mb) All is LOST

Ch 20 ( 14.6 Mb) Return

Ch 21 ( 13.8 Mb) Dilemna

Ch 22 (   8 Mb) Five Years on

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Last Updated:  7 February 2015