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Steve's FIRST Printed Book
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This website is being updated, as many of the resources have become unavailable (especially the audio book files) as the third party providers are no longer available, so we apologise if you find any links do not work (please let us know Twitter @stoemswriter ).

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Steve's FIRST Sci-Fi book to be PRINTED is available, click HERE for more details, including sight of sample pages.

Imagine if you discovered that two conspiracy theories are actually true, but not in exactly the way the theorists had thought. Also, you found yourself right in the thick of things, trying to defend yourself, your newly found friends and life on earth generally.

A story with so many twists and turns, one moment a Science Fiction story, the next all the thrills of secret agents.

A story that is so good that you find you are unable to put the book down... well that is "The Imperiata Riders".


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AudioBook fans....

"All That Sparkles is NOT..." was produced as an audio book back in 2011, but never published. It has been rescued from archive and is available for you to listen to HERE (Not avaiable on PodioBooks, as they rejected something regard file format that Steve just has not had time to fix). Click HERE to visit the page where you can listen to or download the files for FREE.

Thanks to the loyal fans who have given Steve feedback on his books -Steve says,
"Writing is a lonely and insecure thing and it is nice to hear from your fans, even if it is some negative feedback....

In space no-one can hear your screams,
at the word processor, no-one feels your pain, or at least that's the way it seems.

About Steve

Steve Simons is primarily a writer of Science Fiction, aimed at a FAMILY audience, although he has turned his hand (or should that be wordprocessor) to other forms of story.

Steve started using his creative imagination as a child, entertaining groups of children in the neighborhood.  Many was the time, that the children would get into trouble for getting back home later than their normal "get in by" time, as they got engrossed in one of Steve's stories.  Briefly, Steve put his pen to work, writing short stories for the entertainment of family and friends, but nothing serious came of that.

Then in later life, Steve took up the pen again and started writing scripts and short stories for a children's podcast called KidsCastUK.  This grew into two shows, one specialising in Science Fiction and Steve took key writer role on that show.  Encouraged to do even more, Steve wrote his first book "The Sphere of Time", this grew to become a 3 book series TSOT 1 -3.  Find out more about the series by clicking HERE.

Back To School - Having done so much writing without any training, Steve decided in late 2009 to "go back to school" and did a writers course and workshop.  He'd like to thank both tutors and the groups for their help and guidance.  Judge for yourself as to whether his writing is improving (Short stories "What About Max" and "Life, at What Cost" were written after the course & workshops). 

Internet Radio Shows - Steve was for many years producing the KidsCastUK radio shows for kids ages 6 to 106.  Whilst the shows were popular they took a long time to produce and also take up a lot of server space.  Being a not for any money operation, Steve couldn't afford the time or money to continue. So in 2013 the team called it a day.

Audio and eBooks - For a time, Steve continued to write and simultaneously produce Audio Books, but the day job got in the way and the time available became ever shorter, so Steve now concentrates only on the writing, which given his talent to produce good quality Audio Books is quite a shame and listeners will probably mis Steve's style.  The earlier books are CURRENTLY being restored on this website.

Poems & STOEMS® - As part of a game, Steve started writing very small rhymes (around 140 characters in length).  Steve's fellow games players encouraged him to produce these as a book, this was first produced as a free downloadable PDF, but latter as PRINTED books, click HERE for more details.  Steve has introduced the concept of stories in Poem format -- STOEMS ®.  There are also some audio recordings in MP3 format also available FREE, click HERE for more details.


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Of "The Imperiata Riders" my editor says:

Steve this book is great, such an engaging story, it is fast paced and I find I cannot put it down and am always looking forward to the next chapters.  Can you write faster?

Steve Says:
Yes I found it equally an engaging story, that I couldn't stop writing, but glad it is now PUBLISHED. Lovely at long last to actually hold in my first PRINTED Sci-Fi book in my hands!

To grab your own copy and join in the fun, click HERE.

Of "The Tower Bridge" one reader Says:

Reminiscent of a board game adventure, The Tower Bridge is filled with detailed  descriptions and events that feel like the roll of a die determines the course of action. The mood is enhanced by the use of present tense narration, three-dimensional detail and the presence of enterprising young protagonists.  Mysterious rooms reveal strange contraptions. Curious science solves puzzles. And the "furtive imagination"" of a child provides helpful insights. Behind it all is a mix of old-world new-world steampunk and of course, aliens.

Some amusing scenes, plenty of excitement, pleasing illustrations and a satisfying conclusion, round out this novel for middle grade children.  It's sentence structures might not obey all the rules and word choice might be odd in places, but it's a fun tale.

I was lucky to get this book when it was free.

Review by: James Jenkins star star star 
I read about half of this, I think I might be a bit old for it. Not bad but not what I was looking for.
Steve Says:

Thanks James, it must have some merrit then? I would have given up long before half the book, so thanks for getting that far and for the feedback :-) 

Mike Says:

Loved "The Elleshere..." book, I think it is your best yet.  Didn't have quite so much explanation about how things work, but at the same time easy and entertaining to follow.  Good story that kept my attention all through, was it really 4 hours, it didn't seem like it, the time flew.
Steve Says:

Many thanks Mike, really encouraging to get such feedback, as this book was somewhat of a departuture from my usual style and its great to hear that it worked for you.  Ah the magic of time travel!
 (for MORE see the page)

Canadian Writer:  Murielle Cyr Says:

The Gateway - This is an entertaining science fiction story for teens and pre-teens. The action is fast-paced and the main characters, Barry and Tom, are believable and endearing. The author warns about the responsibility of exploring new worlds: Respect the world you enter and don't cause any harm to the inhabitants and their surroundings. The plot is easy to follow; the characters use their walkie-talkie to transport to other worlds, sharing and updating their technological knowledge with each other. Some editing is required in a few places but a sure winner with the younger reluctant reader.

Zelda Zebra Says:
"The Gateway" is a very exciting story, I especially liked the Caterpillar bit.
(Zelda Zebra is a fellow author on
Steve Says:

Many thanks f or your feedback, lovely to hear you enjoyed it so much. Perhaps more people will try that one out too.

Of "The Tower Bridge" another reader Says:

Very much a steampunk feel to it, the inventor and two boys using what is available to them trying to build useful stuff, including a machine that will get them home. Well worth a read, although I actually listened to the audio book and thoroughly enjoyed that, although the "He said" got a bit annoying at times, I found the story kept me hooked and wanting to know how it was going to end. The characters quite believable, except initially one, but I will say no more on that as it could be a spoiler. Kept me entertained for several days as I listened to it in my car. Good that modern cd players handle MP3.  I'd be stuffed otherwise.

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