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Chamyati changing minds
Pain is a sign that something is wrong somewhere in the body or the mind. It is a clue that something needs attention. Ignoring pain does not make it go away.
Some pain is brief: bumping your shin on a table in the dark hurts.
When your self-esteem is low, you are your own harshest critic. You feel unworthy and incompetent. You're blind to your good points. You are haunted by your past mistakes
Hypnotic Enhancement of Athletic Performance
References to the use of hypnosis to enhance sports performance have been made in the literature for a long time. In 1964, Narcuse found that of 125 Japanese Olympic athletes
You already know intellectually how to reduce your weight, right? Eat right, exercise, and drink lots of water. So why are you still struggling at it? You need to get the message through to your subconscious mind in a way that it can help you, not sabotage you! 

One in two long-term smokers will die from a smoking related illness. The dangers of smoking have been studied and analyzed for years. The detrimental effect of smoking on people’s health and their activities is now public knowledge. 


Children can benefit from hypnotherapy in more ways than you might imagine. The research and clinical literature on hypnosis with children suggests that they are good hypnotic subjects.

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